#MIOSKITCHEN Bundle of Joy and Happiness

#MIOSKITCHEN Bundle of Joy and Happiness

The festive season of joyous and prosperous family gathering is back!

A great start for 2019 with not only new menus for the year, but also SPECIALLY DESIGNED MENUS to further compliment your taste and feel!

First and foremost, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to friends and family of #MIOSKITCHEN! We wish you a prosperous and joyous festive and holiday season :).

We’re happy to introduce #MIOSKITCHEN’s Chinese Fried Rice with Kam Heong Chicken, a Malaysian favorite within the local Chinese Cuisine segment. Why? Because we Malaysians love spicy yet savory and flavorful main dishes with our fried rice and grilled chicken, enjoyable by pretty much everyone in the country! Top it off with our sweet sensation; Sarsi Longan! Sweet Bubbly Sarsaparilla beverage mixed with Longan fruits and juice and topped with peppermint leafs. Perfect companion for your vibrant gatherings!

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY : 19 JAN 2018 – 19 FEB 2019.